After my heart attack, I knew I had to make lifestyle changes.

On December 29th, 2018 I became a statistic.
I was one of about 805,000 people who have a heart attack in a year.
I am now one of the 18,200,000 people living with Coronary Artery Disease.
(Read more stats at the CDC.)

I decided not to let my heart attack become my demise nor be dependant on medicines, so I immediately began a quest to turn my health around.

Friends, family, and friends of theirs frequently contact me wanting to know more about how I went from being a no exercising, smoking, poor eating, sugar-holic to an athletic, nicotine free, lean, clean eating “machine.”

This site is a compilation of things that I’ve learned and have implemented in my lifestyle change to recover from my heart attack.

I’m Jerome Cloninger and welcome to My Healthy Page!


Managing Cholesterol

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Blood Pressure

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Eating Clean

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